We are thrilled that you’ve decided to become a new member of our Dental Plans at One Clinic

Our philosophy is to build lifelong relationships and being there when you need us. Our team is dedicated to providing you with calm, comforting oral healthcare. We are delighted that you have allowed us the opportunity to support you with your oral healthcare.

This membership is our commitment to you, and your families when it comes to providing first-class oral healthcare. Our membership, at its heart, is based on being preventative; making oral health a priority, personalised to you, for you, and participatory; empowering you to make informed decisions about your oral health.

This document will help you to understand what you can expect as a member; what’s included in the membership, and what treatments or services are not covered under this agreement.

We will outline the terms and conditions which constitute an agreement between you ‘the patient’, and your dental provider ‘One Clinic.’ If any aspect of this agreement doesn’t make sense, please ask a member of the dental team who will happily help you. Completion of your online membership form constitutes a record of this agreement being approved, and the date of commencement for your membership benefits.

Our subscription-based approach to your oral healthcare means you can access some of the amazing benefits of your dental membership as soon as you become a member.

As part of your membership, you’ll also be invited for an in-depth, new patient appointment which will give us an opportunity to make a great first impression and set the tone moving forward for developing a positive and meaningful relationship.

It’s important to be clear, you do not need perfect teeth to join our membership- we’re here to help you on the way to improving your oral health. 

So, how does the adult membership work?

  • Your adult membership includes your essential appointments at the practice –
  • Your 30-minute new patient appointment; an opportunity to really get to know you, and everything about your oral health
  • Once to Twice yearly oral health checks with our dental team- we will help you decide the best plan for you and in case you do not require 2 visits per year , we will downgrade you to the lower plan at no extra costs or charges
  • Once to Twice yearly hygiene-therapy maintenance & personalised oral health care
  • No hidden charges for routine dental x-rays
  • Easy and prompt Access to urgent dental care 7 days a week* (easy and prompt means within 48 hours from the time of initial contact)
  • Free dental prescriptions for appropriate pain relief and antibiotics
  • Ability to redeem an urgent appointment for toothache or trauma if needed (limited to one/year) and access to emergency care within 48 hours of contact.
  • Exclusive access to our children’s membership (see below)

With our membership, there is a potential saving of up to £235 in the first 12 months.

  • The children’s membership –
  • Is only accessible with a registered adult member
  • Up to the age of 16, this is a complimentary membership
  • This includes twice yearly children’s oral health checks and personalised preventative care.
  • Access to emergency care for pain or dental trauma

So what’s not included?

As you can see from above, you’re getting a lot of value in your essential appointments which are fundamental to achieving and maintaining your oral health.

However, extra care might be needed. Investing in your oral health will absolutely pay dividends when it comes to your ‘Quality of Life’- being able to smile confidently, chew efficiently and sleep peacefully.

Everyday dentistry- such as routine fillings, periodontal (gum) treatment or simple extractions

  • Root canal treatment (routine and complex)
  • Additional, or multiple emergency appointments
  • Crown and bridge work
  • Dental appliances- dentures, mouthguards, or splints
  • Orthodontic treatment and orthodontic retention
  • Cosmetic dentistry- from stain removal to tooth whitening and veneers
  • Sedation care- to ease those worries and anxieties in treatment
  • Dental implants, oral surgery, and complex dental care
  • Facial Aesthetic treatments

Membership plans and fees

Option 1- Personal plan A : 1 exam + 1 hygiene visit per year

Pay monthly £15 per month as a recurring monthly payment OR

Pay annually and save £15 by paying for 11 months only for a 12 month plan

Option 2- Personal plan B : 2 Exams( 6 Monthly) + 2 hygiene visits per year

Pay monthly £ 20 per month as a recurring monthly payment  OR

Pay annually and save £20 by paying for 11 months only for a 12 month plan

Option 3- Family Plan A-1 Exam + 1 Hygiene visit [2 adults]

Pay monthly £30 per month as a recurring monthly payment OR

Pay annually and save £30 by paying for 11 months only for a 12 month plan

Option 4- Family Plan B- 2 Exams + 2 hygiene visits [2 adults]

Pay monthly £40 per month as a recurring monthly payment OR

Pay annually and save £40 by paying for 11 months only for a 12 month plan

Family plans includes 2 adults and upto 2 children

Family plans mandate will have to originate from the same account

Hygiene visits in the plan are for the adults but can be used for the children if required instead.

Your membership can be customised to suit your specific requirements. For instance, you may find it beneficial to schedule more frequent visits with our hygiene therapist for ongoing maintenance care. In such cases, your membership costs will be adjusted to accommodate this change.

In our commitment to maintaining exceptional customer experiences and the highest clinical standards, we routinely review our pricing structure. If it becomes necessary to adjust the cost of your membership or treatment, we will notify you with at least one month’s notice, detailing the revised monthly payment. These payments will be set up as recurring card payments, processed through Stripe, our selected financial platform.


Your recurring payment may commence more than 4 weeks before your 1st appointment at the practice, subject to appointment availability and when you complete your membership form(s).

One Clinic’s Dental Membership plan

We would be very grateful if you attend your appointments or cancel with at least 24 hours’ notice.

We accept, and understand mistakes happen, appointments can be forgotten amid juggling everything else life throws at you. We will do our best to remind you and offer support to keep track of appointments.

With repeatedly failed appointments, you may incur financial penalties or asked to relinquish your membership.

Please let the dental team know if you have any changes to your oral or general health, as we may need to change the way we care for you. On a regular basis we will ask you to update your medical history. If you fail to inform us of changes, this could result in unnecessary complications managing your oral health.


Every 12 months we will notify you of the renewal payment that will be taken with payment details via Stripe. A reminder will be sent via email 7 days prior to your renewal date. To update your payment details please contact our reception team directly.

Termination of membership

We understand that circumstances change, and you may need to cancel your membership.

To arrange cancellation of your membership, we request one month’s notice, in writing, so we can stop future payments on your behalf. In some circumstances, you may need to discuss this further with your bank.

In the unlikely event you wish to cancel your plan during a course of treatment, arrangements will be made with regards incomplete treatment and payment outstanding.

Variation of terms

From time to time, we may need to vary the conditions of this agreement to reflect changes in law or regulations. In these circumstances, you will receive correspondence or notification of any changes made.

You can contact us to discuss your membership agreement further, or advise us of any changes by the following methods-

By telephone :01702 418060
By email: hello@oneclinicleigh.co.uk
By post- One Clinic , 1 Old leigh road, Leigh on sea , SS9 1LB

Consultations for advice and treatment

A consultation is an appointment to discover and explore opportunities about treatment and the options available. It could be Invisalign, implants or a smile makeover. This may be with a clinician, or treatment co-ordinator. Consultations can also be delivered virtually, from the comfort of your own home. 
No treatment is carried out during these appointments, except for gathering information, such as photos or a digital scan of your mouth. 
A pre-paid consultation fee is a discretionary charge with a clinician for the time to discuss your options and create a treatment proposal following this appointment. If you decide not to proceed with treatment, this fee is non-refundable. If you cancel this appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, the fee is non-refundable.

From time to time, we will offer free consultations for specific treatment options.

Failed Appointments & Late cancellations:

Failure to notify the practice and attend your appointment will incur a £100 charge to your account which will need to be paid before being able to rebook that appointment. This payment covers the loss of chair time and also the clinicians hourly rate.

Any cancellations which fall within 24 hours of an appointment will result in a £50 charge due to the appointment not being able to be filled on short notice. This will need to be paid in order to book further appointments with us.

These charges will be waived if we manage to replace the appointment slot.

Treatment appointments and deposits

To book treatment appointments and initiate treatment plans, we kindly request a deposit, which will vary depending on the treatment you have consented to. This deposit is part of the total treatment cost.

Refusal of treatment

We reserve the right to refuse treatment where our clinicians deem it inappropriate for any reason and the clinician’s decision is final in this regard.

Pricing Policy

Ensuring fair pricing is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We aim to provide you, our patient, with fees that not only offer excellent value but also reflect a fair compensation for our expertise and experience. This commitment is unwavering and extends to maintaining the quality of materials, our environmental responsibilities, and our respect for our dedicated staff and trusted suppliers.

Below, we’ve outlined our approach to achieving this goal.


We want you to be fully aware of the treatment we are proposing, the reason why we are proposing it and of the fees that you will pay before treatment starts. We also want you to be aware of when your fees will be due, in most cases this will be at the end of each appointment.

In order to ensure full transparency ; we will endeavour to:

  • Display a fee guide on the web site, and make sure it is available on reception.
  • Discuss with you the treatment we think is necessary and the reasons why and provide information leaflets for further information about your treatment.
  • Provide a treatment plan which includes estimated costs for each patient before treatment starts.
  • Provide a new treatment plan with updated fees if the treatment needs to change for any reason.
  • We review our pricing structure periodically and do so on a discretional basis.

Why do we do this? 

We do this to preserve and maintain the standard of our service to our patients.

How can I save money on my dental treatment?

  • Sign up to one of our dental plans; We think they offer great value for patients as the base cost is slightly lower than you would pay normally for your routine appointments, but you also benefit from a member’s price for certain treatment costs, and worldwide accident insurance cover. You can read more about the plans on our web site, (terms and conditions apply).
  • For treatment plans over £1000 we offer you the facility to apply for finance options for over 24 months. Terms and conditions apply.
  • All our treatments are aimed at getting you dentally fit and making your mouth as low-maintenance as possible, to help to significantly reduce your treatment needs in the future.